Johann Beukes

Welcome to my personal website

Some of my interests

There are many things that interest me which I share with you on this site. Below are some sections to some of it, and here is the link to my Personal Blog:

Technology and Science
the geeky side

Curiosity is what got me into programming in the 90's during the dot-com boom, and since then, I've expanded my interest into a wider range of topics around the modeling and prediction of human behavior. In order to model human behavior, you have to understand the cognitive aspects of the mind, and being able to measure, analyze and predict it, you have to know statistical methods and programming. This is why the main topics I engage in these days include the following:

  • Big Data and Data Science
  • Cognitive Science
  • Computer Science

Fitness and Diet
keep the engine running

I've always participated in sports, and grew up in a home where my father ran with me twice a week for about two miles to go practice boxing at the local boxing gym for an hour when I was only 5. Being active and healthy stuck with me, and provided me the opportunity to immigrate to the USA to compete in Martial Arts. I also switched to a Vegetarian (Piscatarian) diet in 2005 to further supplement my commitment to a healthy lifestyle. On a spiritual level, I found Zen Buddhism a great source of guidance to balance it all out. Below are some links to articles, reviews and recipes related to my interests in these areas.

  • Fitness
  • Healthy eating
  • Zen and Philosophy