Hello! I'm Johann Beukes

Data Scientist, Fitness Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Floridian (don't hold that last one against me)

I love Technology

Years ago I went back to school to study the human mind, in order to understand how to better create Artificial Intelligent systems. I followed that up with more studies in Data Science.
That has allowed me to get to work with some of the most advanced robotics, creating the cognitive systems that unlock value using these robots in the enterprise.

Sometimes, I get chocked

I've always played sports and competed, and my first love is Martial Arts. A sound mind needs a sound body, and I live by that ethos.

Want to connect?

Kiara, The Florida Frenchie, and I love to meet and discuss A.I., Philosophy, Neuroscience, Investment, Martial Arts... Pretty much anything that goes with either good coffee or a good beer.

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